Between Seasons on the North Head Trail
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Between Seasons on the North Head Trail [via mefi projects]

A longform visual essay (3000 words, 50 photos, and a song) about walking the historic North Head Trail in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. A tromp through local history, freezing rain, macrophotography, fog, a cholera hospital, moonlight hikes, tourists, foxes, and optical phenomena.
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Goodness, those photos are beautiful. I'll set aside time to read this tonight. Thanks for the link!
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Very lovely.
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Hey I know Matthew. We had a little art group together when we were both in Montreal! His work is SO lovely. Here's me waving to Newfoundland from Texas!
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Aw, hi Jen! *waves back*. Thanks for posting my project, ellie!
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You’re welcome!
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I’m on the North Head Trail RIGHT NOW
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I like the use of a contrasting dark background colour to set the mood in the "Fall to Winter" section. Very nicely done - makes me want to go there.
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This is stunning. I regret we didn't take this hike on our way to PEI this summer. Next year, we'll stop for sure.
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So so lovely. Thank you for sharing.
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Beautiful! Thanks for posting.
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