Saturday Morning Breakfast Puzzles
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Port and Sweep Solitaire is a new twist on the classic game of peg solitaire. The goal is to reach the position with a single peg, or counter. Two simple moves, one of which allows you to stack the counters like checkers, lead to all kinds of consternation. Start playing immediately (the interface lights up legal drag-and-drop moves) or read the interactive tutorial and get some strategy hints first. If you want a different game, there is

Here is a Math horizons article which goes over the game and quickly gets into the mathematical theory. Diclosure: the puzzlemaster has been game for 20-questions on road trips with this poster. More puzzle pages at that link include tricolor pyramids, sliding block transpositions, and some nice new games (and theory) for old-fashioned peg solitaire.
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I should have said "both of which allow you to stack the counters." But never more than 2 counters are allowed on a square. Now that I think of it, this does suggest imaginary numbers...
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