A map of 675 video walks around the world
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On Reddit today, /u/watercookerch writes: "I made a map showing the locations of 675 video walks around the world." Direct link to Google Maps. The SlowTV and walking sub-reddits.
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These are nice to have on in the background when I'm stuck at home. Thanks!
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Oh, wow. Thank you so much for this! Definitely checking these out.
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Wonderful. No harm at this juncture to point to the huge body of work assembled by Kees Colijn in his YouTube channel Keezi Walks. Global coverage, long walks, minimal interact, to the point where his almost seems to be invisible sometimes.
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We are going to be in Dubrovnik in September, the walk in the old city centre looks fantastic!
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We hung a small TV in front of the treadmill with an elderly AppleTV hooked up to it, and I've found that listening to a podcast while watching a filmed walk almost makes it possible to ignore the general tedium of treadmill walking.
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And to add, I see he doesn't (as of this posting) have any of my favorite WalkTuber, ProWalks:


Mostly Italy.
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Not sure if this is your thing, but I've been involved with a walking group which has been around for more than 60 years - John Cooper Quiz Walks . Many of their past walks (around 200?, circular walks starting at a country pubs, 2-3 mile walks on public footpaths surrounding South/East of London counties: Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire), start locations, and directions (as well as the cryptic clues and answers!) are online (though a good number of venues may have closed-down, or changed name/ownership in that time! and clues may be missing!).
lots of walks on the site...
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I love walking video's.

Especially Keezi inspired me to make some of my own. They're not especially high quality and I'm reluctant to self link so I won't. It's fun to do though as it makes you think about the walk in a different way from "just walking" (which also is fine, it's just fun to do it with a different perspective sometimes).

Thanks for the post!
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These are great! I sometimes watch the walking videos programmed into the treadmill at the YMCA while I'm running. I prefer the nature ones to the city ones - why would I want to run down Sunset Strip when I could be running across a glacier in Patagonia? It gives me something fun and inspirational to look at while running.

The treadmills also have YouTube on them so I'm SUPER JAZZED to see if I can bring up some of these instead of the pre-programmed ones!!

I've always wanted to branch out from real-world videos to fantasy running videos. I'd love to take a jog through the decks of the Enterprise, past Picard and the holodeck (what are you DOING in there, Barclay??). Or run with the Rohirrim across Rohan. Or even run with buffalo across the prairies. Maybe someday.
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