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Brioche Stitch is a website dedicated to knitting brioche, with references to different variations of one, two, and three color brioche stitches. Experiment with increasing and decreasing, figure out how to cast on with two colors in the round, and then check out a few of the patterns on Ravelry.

I've had this site bookmarked for ten-odd years, with the semi-recent trendiness in brioche patterns, I figure I'd share as part of post your bookmarks.
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Stephen West has really done a lot in the last couple of years to popularize brioche, but his designs tend to be too glitzy for most of us to wear. Rebel is the pattern that got me to learn, and after frogging it five or six times, I got it down!
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Thanks so much! This looks amazing! Bookmarked!
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For my fellow crocheters, Tatsiana Kupryianchick has developed a brioche-esque pattern. There's also the simpler Cathedral Hat by Mamachee, and some of her other two color designs might strike your fancy as well. I think that two color interlocking crochet evokes brioche in some really interesting ways, though it's more geometric.
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Great resource, thank you! I'm planning on my first brioche project as a scarf for my mom later this year, so this will be good for later reference.
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Ooooh, a post on brioche!!! I learned how to knit it via a Craftsy class with Nancy Marchant, which I can highly recommend. Unfortunately on looking for it I see Craftsy may have turned into blueprint? and here is something that looks like a remix of some of her Craftsy classes. Her books are great. She also had one on tuck stitches I've been meaning to buy.

The sense of accomplishment when you learn to fix a mistake in a double decrease in brioche is tremendous :)
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Oh, and if we're including tuck stitches (which I see linked in the post), I love this three color design by mathgrrl that's really easy and looks the same on the front and back of the knitting.
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This post is timed perfectly for me, as I started my first brioche project like a week ago and am excited to try more! Thanks!
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After I learned double knitting this has been next on my list to learn but I backed away from the first pattern I tried as it looked complicated as heck.
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It's a little weird to get used to, but luckily a straight brioche cowl or scarf in two colors still looks cool (and is super squishy), so you can concentrate on learning one skill at a time, if that's how you roll.
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It's the squishy I'm looking for!
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Honeycomb brioche is my absolute favourite stitch! It looks great and is so much fun to do. Thanks so much for introducing us to this lovely site.
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I love the squooshy fabric that brioche stitch makes. I've been a fan of Nancy Marchant's patterns for a while, and I've been delighted that Hunter Hammersen, one of my favorite pattern designers, has recently caught the brioche bug -- with stunning results.
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The top of that hat is fantastic, katieinshoes
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Hunter's dedication to beautiful hat crowns is one of the main reasons I love her.
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