One for the Rook One for the Crow
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Sing As The Crow Flies is "a set of nine vocal tracks re-voicing the rural landscape, surrounding reed beds and marshes on the Norfolk/Suffolk border" by Laura Cannell and Polly Wright. It includes "One For the Rook One for the Crow," a "vocal instant composition recorded inside Raveningham Church in Norfolk in Spring 2019." The Guardian: "Cannell and Wright take as their source material a terrifying sounding 19th-century book: The Norfolk Garland: A Collection of the Superstitious Beliefs and Practices, Proverbs, Curious Customs, Ballads and Songs of the People of Norfolk." Sing As The Crow Flies on Youtube.
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I've been listening to a lot of very slow, droning music lately, and this fits in just perfectly. Their voices are beautiful and haunting, and the improvisations make it, is that the word I mean? There's a randomness and unexpectedness even within the comfort and repetition of these long, echoing notes.
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Wow - I would love to hear this live. While wearing a cloak. Twigs in my hair.
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Laura Cannell also plays dual recorders.

Wait! Don't go!

They appear on a couple of tracks on Simultaneous Flight Movement (recorded inside Southwold Lighthouse).
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