“I raised all these babies / Call me Katherine Jackson”
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Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott has released a new five-song EP, Iconology, and a new music video for one of the tracks, “Throw It Back”. It’s a good way to start Friday!
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I really love that music video. I'm a total sucker for formation dancing, and that is chock full of it. I'll have to listen to the full EP but not tonight. It's getting late!
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I was driving to work this morning listening to an older episode of the podcast Wonderful in which they talked about Missy, and then there was construction, so I just listened to Missy for the next 20 mins with my windows down till traffic cleared. Now this. Truly a blessed day.
I laughed out loud at the moon man.
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2 words: Lip Stick
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That! Woman! Such a Delight!
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I am INCANDESCENT with joy.
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I feel like that dude-pulled rickshaw-car was a bit of a missed opportunity. We only briefly see the guys pulling it, and not a single full clear shot of the whole team pulling her. And I kind of wanted to see that player up more.
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I was up last night in bed watching the video and listening to the album and honestly feel like I woke up a better person. Do yourself a favor if you haven't yet and watch "Throw it Back" on a screen bigger as I just have (three times) than your phone when you can because it deserves it and so do you.
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Yes good.
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Whatever happened with that campaign to replace the Confederate statue in Charlottesville with one of Missy? That was the best idea ever.
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This is a good post.
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My favorite thing about Missy videos is how she doesn't really do all the dance moves, but the dancers around her are so EPIC over the top that you don't even notice.
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Double dutch with Missy's braids! Love it, love all of it!
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Not gonna lie, started watching this video, youtube autoplayed four other Missy videos, we pulled up Work It on our own, then got into a conversation about the history of music videos in different genres and discussions of various trends, then about an hour and a half had passed and it was all very enjoyable.
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