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When Kiki DuRane and Herb performed their farewell show at Carnegie Hall, the evening turned into a 2h30m+ orgy of wide-ranging cabaret covers spanning their career and covering the story of their lives from their beginnings in clubs in the 1950s and through to that night on stage in 2004. Some friends drop by across the evening, too. I won't link each of the 31 tracks, but here is a YouTube playlist [2h36m].
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Also on Spotify where the adverts are less annoying. Have been listening to this today, and am really enjoying it.
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I feared my framing might be a bit opaque. Allow me to suggest one track from each half of the show as warm-ups. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (Stevie Nicks) and The Revolution Medley (Gil Scott-Heron, Method Man, Eminem, Talking Heads).
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I am camping and don’t have the bandwidth to listen here (yes I am reading Metafilter WHAT OF IT) but the No Children cover has pushed me over the edge into Here For It.
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Please, PLEASE do not miss their Christmas album (SoundCloud streaming on Kenny Mellman’s site): Do You Hear What We Hear?
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