"on any given day half a million raptors might be gliding overhead"
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The largest flyway for birds of prey anywhere in the world is in a narrow stretch of Veracruz State in Chichicaxtle. So many birds fly through this area during migration periods that it's been dubbed the River of Raptors (video). [via]
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Straits of Mackinac is also a superhighway for raptors. https://www.michiganradio.org/post/straits-mackinac-are-bird-prey-superhighway
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Batumi in Georgia, at the eastern end of the Black Sea, is a bottleneck for raptors migrating between Africa and Asia.
And there’s some amazing footage of a communal Black Kite roost from about 3 minutes in to this video from Gibraltar.
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I hope you tweeted a link to this post.
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I was just telling some friends about raptor kettles at Hawk Cliff on Lake Erie yesterday. If you are in the vicinity I highly recommend it. They have events in September for the fall migration.
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For a second I forgot that raptors are birds and was picturing velociraptors.
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Cape May, the peninsula at the southern end of New Jersey, acts as a funnel for both songbirds and raptors migrating down the Atlantic coast during fall migration. If you ever want to learn how to really identify sharp-shinned hawks from Cooper's hawks, you could do worse than visit there in mid-October. The mass warbler push is a bit earlier, but there's still plenty around at that time, too, and the sparrows pick up at that time, too. Sounds like I need to get to Veracruz!
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And... now I’m missing RTH☹️
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