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"My grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I couldn't spend too much time on in her eulogy: her love for Dungeons & Dragons. She started very late, at 75, only a little over a year ago . . ."
Twitter thread, including fan art of her beloved gnome druid and his goose friend. Threadreader.
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For a second there I thought I saw a comma, and that Threadreader was the goose's name.

That was a delightful story!
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What a sweet story.
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So anyway, she casts it, and makes her very first attack roll... natural 20. The whole table went WILD (by which I mean the players, not the mimic).
This story is the very definition of charming (by which I mean the adjective meaning “pleasing” or “agreeable,” not the 1st level sorcerer spell Charm Person).
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This warms my heart.
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I've been playing RPG's since 1982, and I can't remember a better time to be a player, or start playing.
There are so many wonderful new games out there, you'd need at least a few lifetimes to play them all.
I'm glad his grandmother found D&D and I'm glad she spent her last time having such a good time.
I would have LOVED to have seen a recorded session with her just to drink up all the sweetness.
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I know nothing about RPGs but I absolutely loved reading this when it popped up in my Twitter feed. We need more delightful stories like these in these troubled times!
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But also :))))))
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Thank you for posting. That was just so sweet.
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My D&D group all said we'd meet up in the Old Folks Home and keep playing. I figure now when/if I do go to the Home, I'll find others my age who also grew up with D&D, and we'll game til our false teeth fall out from laughing.
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I played as a kid, and then didn't pick it up again for many years until a few months ago as a way to spend time with my step-ish kids and partner doing something besides watch TV. It's taking me a bit to get back into the swing, all the mechanics have changed and the boy is a natural-born rules lawyer, but we're having fun. They seem to look forward to game nights/afternoons, and I hope we're still playing when they're in their 30s and 40s, assuming I continue making my savings throws...
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I loved everything about this reminiscence. It's never to late to tell awesome stories together, and it's never too late to be an awesome story. But for the language barrier (I don't speak French), I would have been delighted to have these fine people at my table.
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I didn't understand about eighty percent of those words but I still teared up. Lovely story.
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I’m not scrying, you’re scrying
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I saw this on tumblr and virtually ran over here to see if there was a MeFi post yet. Thank you for posting this!

I especially loved that her grandson invited her character to join the group by sending her a real postal mail letter, and that she replied with delight (as Terminatur) by postal mail.

Her drawing of her character was so charming. The drawings of Terminatur, by other DND players in honor of her, have also been heartwarming. Antoine H has been retweeting many.

This is just a glimpse into her amazing DND story and it only assures me that the rest of her life must have been amazing as well.

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Beautiful. Thank you for posting this. I need more joy like this in my life, every day.
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I figure now when/if I do go to the Home, I'll find others my age who also grew up with D&D, and we'll game til our false teeth fall out from laughing.

A lot of the people who were in on the very early wargames-to-RPG transition are of rest home age now. There's definitely a book to be written on that scene.
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i cant see the drawing from a work computer and IT IS KILLING ME
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okay wait no joke I just finished and can't see any of the drawings. Please tell me there is somewhere to see them!
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you just know that folx are gonna get tattoos of terminatur....
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This is the grandma I aspire to be. Even if I never have grandkids.
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emirenic, hope you were you able to see the drawings from a non-work computer.
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