Dogs have so many friends because they wag their tails, not their tongue
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*flagged for utterly transparent bias to the point of propaganda*
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The latest good girl from work. In honor of both this August day, and of the momentous occasion of a Johnny Wallflower post without poop. Congratulations my friend, I believed in you the whole time.
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Where senior dogs go to be loved: Twitter | Threadreader
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Just up the block from me lives an older woman with a mighty dog, a huge English cream golden retriever. The dog is likewise of a certain age and I see them out for a walk many mornings and evenings. Last summer I greeted them one day and learned their names and stories: the woman, Rosemary, is a retired teacher from my primary school (although she taught there before I was born) and her dog Eva is just a big calm happy dog.

All through last summer I would see them every few days and chat with Rosemary and give Eva many skritches under the chin and the occasional dog treat. Toward autumn, Rosemary mentioned that she spends her winters in Florida (Canadian winters being something she can do without) and that Eva would be staying the winter with her niece, so I would not see them again for a bit. I bade them both a good winter.

In late April or early May this year I was coming home late one evening and at my corner I could see across the street a figure with a large blonde dog. I couldn’t quite tell in the dark if that was my friends, but I noticed the dog was peering toward me, tail wagging lazily. I raised my arm in greeting and the tail wagging went into overdrive. Eva recognized me with a HEY ITS THAT GUY attitude after months of separation. Rosemary could barely restrain her from bounding across the street to meet me. I crossed and told Eva she was a very good dog indeed, and she was pleased to hear my good opinion. As always, we parted on a note of mutual esteem.

TL; dr — dogs are the best.
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Yesterday we dropped my daughter off at college for another year. When we got home, our "open-box dog" rescue mutt greeted the rest of us with panicky love.

I can't wait to see him swoon when my daughter comes home for a long weekend in October.

Happy National Dog Day, Cooper: you're a disaster but we'll keep you anyway.
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I have posted dog pics on this day for a few years, so the "On this day" FB feature included my dearly departed old mutt and one of the newer dogs.

One of the things that makes me happiest about how my life has turned out, is that I'm in a position to have a dog (or two).

I'll just end with, these fuzzy bundles of delayed heartbreak still deserve the best of fake holidays ever.
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Dexter makes every day Dog Day in our household.

Everyone knows that their dog is the best dog, and they are all correct!
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Help me out here. I've got the first line: a dog, a priest and a circus clown walk into a bar.
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Teddy Ballgame -Jackshund (Jack Russell - Dachshund mix)

He's a good boy.

Most of the time.
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I absolutely love the photo at the top of the article about the service dogs watching a musical.
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Happy Dog Day! But every day is Dog Day if you have a dog. And every dog is the best dog.

I took Josie to the vet on Friday after she decided to chew on one of my cross stitch projects and make a needle vanish. I looked for the needle, but it was like hunting for - you know how many times I said like a needle in a haystack and it was awkward every time? Every time.

See, when she was a puppy she demolished a pin cushion and ingested a needle. It came out after several hundred dollars of expensive x-rays. This was not my first dog needle rodeo.

It turned out that there was no needle inside the dog, so since we were already there she got her annual inoculations and emissions test. Now she's immune to everything and I'm out of free x-rays for the year.

Later that evening the local news ran an article about how Dogs Are Good For Your Heart. Not all the time, they're not.
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How DARE he grow such a handsome beard! He's already got everything, now he has that, too?

Oh yeah, and good dog.
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