Larry Elgart And His Manhattan Swing Orchestra
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Thanks. Once upon a time a co-worker was in Dance Club and dragged me into trying to learn to dance. His parties with other dance people were like this. It was spooky. I'm still a bit jealous.

ob Via, there's a post there of a kid in a space suite. I wore that same space suite outside on simulated moon terrain in 1983 and finding that picture is on my bucket list of things to find the next time I go home. It's actually a high altitude USAF flight suite but close enough.
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Thanks so much for this! I've been trying to remember the same of Hooked on Classics for the past few weeks, and this prodded the right neurons.

(yes, Hooked on Classics is just as terrible/good as I remembered it)
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Hooked on Classics

The classic of the genre "music for people who don't really like music"...if you went to someone's house, and they had like, 10 CDs, there was a good chance this was one of them.
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Trivia: Hooked on Classics was a side project for some of the Electric Light Orchestra.
Hooked on Swing was a different production team, but also distributed by K-Tel.
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Hooked on Swing lives on (sort of) within the genre of Electro Swing. By mixing modern rhythmic patterns into older swing music, a catchy hybrid style is created which is often quite intoxicating. Here is a short, 2-minute video that shows how it's done, using (of all things) the song "A Friend Like Me" from Disney's Aladdin.
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