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William the Hippo at the Met "In 1917, The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired a small ancient Egyptian faience hippopotamus. Created in a captivating blue, the little hippo quickly won people's hearts. He received his now-famous nickname, William, in 1931."
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So faience required kiln furniture when it was fired 4000 years ago, just as support material is needed for modern 3d printing overhangs.

Cute hippo, tho.
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William! Conversation between Two Hippos! Neat stuff.
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William! I love William. Although maybe a little less after reading this though.
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That hippo is just irresistibly charming.

They sell pricey replicas of William to sucker tourists in the gift shop. Mine sits in the bathroom watching me shower.
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They sell pricey replicas of William to sucker tourists in the gift shop.

The reviews of Statuette of a Hippopotamus Sculpture are a fun read.
"the replica is sort of smiling, unlike the original."
"I bought a second one to use in my classroom as I didn't want to bring my personal William to school."
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Me and William, we go way back, I knew him before he was famous. Despite all the media, and his fancy digs, when he's around friends, he's still just a hippo from the hood.
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Behold, the mascot for the RISD museum (not to be confused with their sports mascot, which I won't name here because I'm at work).
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Awww, thank you for this. I had a plush William when I was growing up.

My mom's best friend works at the Met and used to give me all kinds of cool Egyptian-themed stuff from the gift shop when I was little. I didn't become a historian or join the art world, but I do have a deep love of blue hippos.
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That is one cute smol hippo.
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Well, now I know all about the RISD sports mascot. Wow.
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Apparently ritually breaking off their legs was a thing - that's why William and the RISD hippo look repaired.
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I know Egyptians liked cats but that is the worst cat.
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The first thing I ever bought by mail was a William (an infinitely higher quality reproduction than the current version) from a coupon in the back pages of The New Yorker. My mother must have helped me, since I doubt I could have mailed $18 in cash. When it arrived it became my most cherished possession; I lived in tornado country, and William was kept with the other emergency items I would rescue if we had to escape quickly. He is sitting about 3 feet away from me right now.
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We have a William, and when I was little, we had a book about a boy named William who tours the museum with the hippo.
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