Men and food
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Part of a series about cooking in Europe and some other places This video is about Lyon, but also about men and their friendships and one man's relationship with his son. The whole series is great, and not at all about men

Some of the episodes are about women being in charge, and in general they are more about real life, food and agriculture than anything you already expected
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Umm, yeah these look fantastic, thanks for sharing them!

I just watched Cuba - Rice and pork: the basis of the Cuban cuisine
from beginning to end, it was very moving. The titles are deceptive, because this one was a lot more than just food. Looking forward to watching the others.
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It is true that if you're looking for spicy vegetarian food that Lyons is probably not your best bet, although I'm sure there's something. Anyway, interesting video series.
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That's the most offal thing I've ever seen!
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Another good one: Cooking with the Green Fairy, a portrait of a Swiss family brought up under the spell of absinthe.
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[One comment deleted; let's not go down the road of complaining about food from certain places; lots of potential for offense, and it's not really what the post is about anyway.]
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When I was on exchange in Lyon, the local students loved to (try and) bait me by offering me various spécialités lyonnaises. They had no idea I had grown up eating offal and would be totally unfazed by tablier de sapeur (breaded, fried tripe - the first dish in the video) or andouillette (the "tripe sausage" in the video). It was the cervelle de canut (lit. "silk weaver's brains", but actually a type of cheese dip) which gave me real pause. ("So, it's not brains? You're sure about that?")

I snickered when the kid asked "What's tripe?" because I asked the exact same question of my friends, not trusting my head-translation of tripes. I had pictured all French cooking to be haute cuisine and didn't think offal would be on the menu.

Once in a while I really crave such rich, hearty food. Thanks for the post - got my nostalgia kick on today for sure.
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"Maastricht - Healthiest Bread of Holland"? Maastricht is about as far as you can get from Holland while remaining inside the Netherlands. That said, the series looks great!
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I just watched the episode on Menorca, and I'm hugely impressed. It's the first time I've ever seen a program about the island that wasn't full of stories invented for tourists. They showed Menorcan life the way it is, translated perfectly the slang phrases in the local dialect, and were careful about specifying what was traditional and what wasn't. They left out a lot of the key steps in making the caldereta de langosta, but they got all the basics right. Now I'll go and watch the other programs about places I know nothing about.
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This is good and now I'm hungry.
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Great post

Totalment, Fuzz, Totalment, com bona irlandesa q parl catala, I don't understand the 9.20 'Patatas blancas' comment from Dunia (sorry it wasn't translated, what other kinds are common in Menorca, arrugadas, Maybe sweet potatoes???)
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But I'm way more impressed by the women that are equally featured, so the Rathlin Island episode (pop 121) features Kate & her lab assistant who are growing and gardening Kelp from spores !! her carpenter/trained chef son is great but the women blow me away, so rare to see stuff like this!
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I don't understand the 9.20 'Patatas blancas' comment from Dunia

Someone says, "No es dolent" (it's not bad), and she replies, "No, no es dolent. Tot es passeig, lo que pasa es que mini-pimer, como que no, no es patata blanca." A mini-pimer is an electric hand blender. She's basically saying everything is blended, but not with a mini-pimer like you would use for potatoes.

I'm guessing that she's explaining that the picada they use to thicken and flavor the broth is blended by hand in the mortar instead of using a hand blender. You get a more rustic texture that way, with a liquidy broth for soaking up bread and bits of parsley and garlic in the soup. She also chops the onions, garlic, and tomatoes for the sofrito fairly coarsely. A fancier version like they would serve in the restaurant shown in the episode would blend the entire broth, including the picada and the sofrito, with an electric blender, so it has a thick and smooth texture like a bisque.

So maybe she's standing up for her traditional way of doing the soup, or maybe everyone's talking about how her daughter-in-law didn't pound the picada smooth enough.
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This one, about poor people food in Trentino, made my ovaries hurt, despite being a boy. What lovely daughters!
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