The Cutest Eels!
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The Strange Life of Garden Eels "Garden eels live a strange life. They anchor themselves to the ocean floor using their own mucus, and contort into strange shapes and positions to catch plankton. Find out more about these weird and wonderful stay-at-home fish." Adorable! (SLYT)
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Oh my gosh they're adorable. That synchronized retract action is just delightful. Nice first post!
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The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a small display of garden eels, and they're a joy to watch pop up and down - but you don't get to see their behavior/posture change in the faster current, so thanks for the post!
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Reincarnate me now, please. That looks like a lovely way to spend a life.
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So do we have an eponysterical post contest going on that I didn’t know about, or
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Lovely! If pressed I might have thought of the name garden eel as in common or garden, but they really do look like they're planted.
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And, if you turn the tables on these predators, you get old fashioned pub food:
pie, mash and jellied eels.
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These eels are the perfect intersection of adorable and disconcerting.
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Never have I identified more with an eel
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What charming little noodles!
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Who out there also make wooooOOOOP noises when they come out, and WOOOOoooooooop noises when they go back in?
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Finally, a cohort who accepts my strategy of anchoring myself in place with a wad of mucus.
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So do we have an eponysterical post contest going on that I didn’t know about, or

We do! The postyouranimal tag is the hint. MetaTalk.
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The aquarium in Tokyo Skytree not only has a bed of garden eels, their gift shop possibly has the world's largest collection of garden-eel plush toys. So many cute eel plush toys.
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There's something really surreal about diving near "fields" of these. You'll see them all waving off in the distance and they slowly start to pull back as you approach, until suddenly you broach some commonly understood minimum acceptable distance and they all retreat into their holes at once.
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