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(reminder: add links, make it more interesting) The latest collaborative shot-by-shot reanimation is out. Content warning: mental illnoh god what was that sound. oh god it's right behind me no no no send help SEND HEVH")$@PObrapye3ohgwkjrnbv Ahem. The curious art of reanimation has redrawn many a situation. But this particular reanimation is oh-so-very... NAUUUUUUUGHTY. (A warning regarding content: I regret to inform you that there is, quite early on, a bare bottom. And a rather familiar one at that.)
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For those as confused as I was:

120+ Animators come together to re-animate a classic Courage the Cowardly Dog Episode; Freaky Fred.

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That was... quite something.
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Where freaky things happen. Freaky barber things.
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Thank you, mmoncur. The FPP gave me no clue whatsoever as to its subject, so I had to waste time finding out that it wasn't something of interest to me.
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I admire the enthusiasm of the poster, but put some effort in making it accessible next time, eh?
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It's too early for this here
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Ignore the grumpums BiggerJ, regardless of the content I am absolutely here for your posting style. Gah, where's your sense of adventure people? It's pretty clear what the main link is, and besides, have you no curiosity? #teammysterymeat
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(now off to watch whatever this is, could be something I'll really like! who knows!)
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Mod note: For folks who want to talk post presentation, there's now a Metatalk post about this, so let's allow this thread to be about the main link ("NAUUUUUUUGHTY.") Thanks.
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I really like these collaborative reanimations, but I always get so frustrated when I see a style that I love, but alas, it only lasts a few seconds. I wish there was a way to sort of "freeze" styles I liked and see the rest of the piece in entirely that mode.

I understand that any animators reading are probably getting twitchy at that last sentence. As a one-time amateur animator, I understand that what I am suggesting would actually take an incredible amount of work, and would in some cases be essentially impossible. I guess I am thinking more like a "magical" way to do it, and I am not suggesting that everyone that contributes to a reanimation should have to animate the whole thing.
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Every time it went from Eustace at the door, to Muriel in the chair, to Eustace at the door making offended old-man noises in a different style it made me laugh way too hard.

Also, fuck, Courage had no business going as hard as it did, huh? Nightmares from so many episodes as a kid and i loved every second of it

freaky barber crimes
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