Relief At Last: Fighting Headache And Migraine On The Web.
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Relief At Last: Fighting Headache And Migraine On The Web. I've been a migraine sufferer all my life, so I've tried and read almost everything in the hope of finding something to alleviate the pain. So I was surprised to find a website that was better than any book and really helped deal with it. Headaches and migraines are, alas, still mysteries to even the most studious and experienced neurologists. This resource, bless it, brings welcome relief from a patient's ignorance and unnecessary suffering.
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Groovy link. Thanks Miguel. :)
posted by dejah420 at 9:10 PM on July 7, 2002

Wow. I have a migraine right now. Nice timing. Good info, too. I do the "ibuprofen, midol (contains caffeine and pain relievers), coffee, herbal inhalants, biofeedback, lights out, try-not-to-move" method. Turning down my onscreen display helps a lot.
posted by sadie01221975 at 10:47 PM on July 7, 2002

Thanks for that Miguel. I have suffered migraine / tension headaches for years and have tried most remedies none of which seemed to have much effect.
Last year I tried cranio sacral therapy. It might be coincidence but the severity and frequency has definitely decreased.
posted by Fat Buddha at 12:45 AM on July 8, 2002

Damn, sadie - you have to be a migraine sufferer to really sympathize. Other people tend to think it's only a really bad headache. Here's hoping it's gone by now. The only relief during an attack is knowing that at least it's almost certain you're going to have 24 migraine-free hours after the present one has subsided.

My life changed with sumatripan(called "Naramig" here in Portugal). I carry it everywhere and find that if I take one the second I start seeing the wavy little bright lights and gaps in my visual field(I usually think it's my spectacles that need cleaning)and lie down in the dark for a couple of hours, the dreaded behind-the-eye drilling pain(9 out of 10 times) never comes. It also seems to have no nasty side-effects.

But it does nothing for my mother or my really do have to try everything. And it's not difficult, considering what you're up against...
posted by MiguelCardoso at 4:35 AM on July 8, 2002

Thanks for the cranio sacral therapy link, Fat Buddha. It looks good and, as I said, I'll try anything! ;)
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Thank you, Miguel. I had a 48 hour migraine this weekend, and am currently trying out 'new' medication that doesn't work. Will definitely spend some time on this site.
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the migraine trust (or somebody) have a clinic in merseyside where they claim to be able to cure a migraine in under an hour without the use of drugs. at least that's what i remember from the news item i saw a few years ago. not that i can find any reference to this on the web.
i humbly suggest cranial osteopathy as a possible cure.
nb. the migraine trust website looks less likely to trigger a migraine than the bandolier sites linked to by MC ; )
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Thanks for the great link, Miguel. I am fortunate that my migraines are nowhere near as frequent or as intense as they used to be, but I still get at least one a year and the ones I get don't seem to want to respond well to anything I've tried yet. I'm always happy to find new information. (Not that I'm anxious to have to try out any of it.)
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