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The Tiny Art of Coin Cutting - getting to the essence of the thing.
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I would say that Micah puts poor Q to shame - fantastic stuff
posted by caddis at 11:43 AM on August 28, 2019

I love the hand-made quality of this (and yeah, Micah's work is AMAZING). I also want to show this to my community college's CNC machining students and see what they can do with a wire EDM unit.
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Wow, that EDM video is astonishing. I can't believe how it just disappears like that.
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That's a gorgeous tool he has for holding the coin securely while he works on it. I wish I had one of those little vices.

You know what I mean.
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I'm actually a little surprised he's not using a Knew Concepts saw. I can't justify one right now, but I have used them and they're just plain awesome. Anyone who spends a lot of time at a jewelers saw should give them a try.
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I was hoping for some sleight of hand with the cut up cons.
posted by Nancy Lebovitz at 7:12 PM on August 28, 2019

Slight tangent. There are two videos of Ford Hallam, Part I and Part II, that detail an astonishing piece of precision metalwork. Very satisfying to watch an absolute master goldsmith at work.
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I inherited a set of cuff links cut from two buffalo nickels: the Indian head on one side, the buffalo on the other.
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