Musings on life and music from Iggy Pop, "a real Midwestern gentleman"
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The Survival of Iggy Pop -- An inventor of punk rock on his long career, the future, and swimming in Miami. Also, in addition to sharing how he continues to stay up-to-date with new and interesting music (archive of past playlists) for a weekly BBC 6 radio show, he muses on his radio host voice, which he thinks used to sound like Shrek; plus a nice summary of Iggy Pop's life to date (interview with Amanda Petrusich for The New Yorker).
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The BBC 6 radio show, Iggy Confidential, previously.
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He made a great Vorta.
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Oblig song from a good few years ago "I Wanna Talk like Iggy Pop" by the Upholstered Eldorados
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Wir laufen 'rein in Düsseldorf City
Und treffen Iggy Pop und David Bowie
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“Free” is his most surprising record in decades, and one of his most collaborative. “I began to recoil from guitar riffs in favor of guitarscapes, from twangs in favor of horns, from back beat in favor of space, and, in large part, from the effluent of my own mind and problems, in favor of trying to interpret the poetry of others,”

That sounds potentially promising...

“Dirty Sanchez,” a lewd, tense meditation on contemporary sexuality that includes the lines “Just because I like big tits / Doesn’t mean I like big dicks.” “I was thinking, How do I explain to this guy”—Thomas—“that this is career suicide?” Pop told me. “So I wrote him and said, ‘Look, the best thing you can do is put some horn on it.’ That’s my contribution: ‘Put some horn on it!’ So he horned the shit out of it, you know?”

Then again, maybe not...
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I love Iggy Pop, most of all for the Repo Man theme
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Notes from the fact-checker
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I'm often driving when Iggy Pop's show is on. I invariably turn it off.
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I cannot overstate the importance of Iggy to my daily life. I consult Dr. Osterberg in all matters, and consider his advice invaluable. Thank you, OP -- I will read this with great care and attention.
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Well I don't give a pig's ass what anybody says, I still say he makes a hell of a pot of beans.
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Nardwuar vs Iggy Pop

(transcribed interview from 1996)
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Kind of off Iggy Pop since I learned he probably slept with a 13-year-old girl, to be honest.
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