Naughty: Pulling the Leghair of a Gentleman on Penguin Encounter
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The National Aquarium of New Zealand names and shames the Naughty Penguin of the Month. Also, the Good Penguin of the Month. For the most recent honoured and shamed penguins, see the aquarium's facebook page [FB obviously].
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I love these! There's also a few good twitter threads on the penguins. The best part is watching a good penguin go bad, or a bad penguin redeemed.
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On a visit to this aquarium, I had a great time looking at all the commentary on the penguins. A lot of great time, since the penguin viewing area fills up very quickly and it gets hard to see the actual penguins. But considering how small it is, I was glad to see there was wheelchair accessible space in the raised area, so good on them.

Anyway, these penguins are adorable and I love them.
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Come on, Dave- we talked about this!
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Previously but who can resist more naughty penguins!
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Fucking Dave, man. Why am I not at all surprised to see him taking naughty for multiple months.
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Obligatory Naughty Penguin.
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I love her.
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