pretty sure the pepperoni on that pizza is made out of human lips
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Life is suffering. 🤢
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What it does to the Sonic sprite still looks better than the CGI for the movie.
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shower thoughts

it just occurred to me (and I'm probably not the only one who thinks this).... that looking for facial features is what we do as a species with images, so of course we train computers to do it....

however, we already have an AI that has been shaped to view everything through one training set, and it does so with brutal efficiency at a scale that dwarfs current ML efforts

the input is "human activity"
the computer is "late capitalism"
the training set is "profit"
the resultant output's ....distortions.... are significantly more disturbing than these.
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I love this kind of thing! Reminds me of some the nightmare-fuel I got out of the early days of the deep dream image manipulator...
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The melted ice cream Goomba is pretty cute, though.
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The original photos must have already been part of the training corpus for the AI. The hair details are too accurate to merely have been extrapolated from the pixels.
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Some look like Georges Méliès's moon face.
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Yes I knew the fountain one reminded me of something
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The photoreal chimp emoji looks like a makeup test for the new Cats movie.
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That AI really overestimates how many people can pull off a John Waters-style pencil moustache.
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Do androids dream of electric C.H.U.D.s?
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I’m happy with all of these results.
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In 2008, I kept my 12 year old son entertained while travelling by showing him how to do 16x16 pixel images by hand in MacPaint. I kept making the challenges harder, but he rose to the occasion every time. Here's his 16x16 pixel rendition of the 1879 Anglo-Zulu war: The AI would be helpless here.
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These... give me acid flashbacks. Which probably says something interesting about human visual processing and its failure mode and how that’s analogous to whatever the algorithm is doing here. But I can’t think of it, because I’m too distracted by the reminder of how all of the edges of the furniture in my living room can dissolve into sparkling feathers with little or no warning.
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That's very interesting !
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