Fungus Friday: Glowing Mushrooms!
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No one knows why mushrooms in northern Brazil glow at night—so researchers are using LED-lit mushrooms to mimic nature and to find out. (YouTube) The chemical process behind glowing mushrooms - molecular structure of Luciferin. If you just want to look at pretty pictures of glowing mushrooms, I've got you covered. If you want to make your own glowing mushrooms, head on inside!

MakeAnything (YouTube) - for a 3D Printed version and a version made from airdry clay and scuply.
Instructables: Enchanted Forest Mushroom Lights
Instructables: Interactive Glowing Mushrooms!
A super easy glowing paper mushroom
And finally, glowing mushrooms that really are just glow in the dark and not powered by an LED.
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I love all of this.
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This has long been a favorite desktop of mine...
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This is a fun post, I love anything that glows in the dark. And also my project list just expanded!!
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