I’m only good at being Daaaaad, Daaad
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I’m the Dad Guyduh. Bonus parody version for extra merriment: with lyrics by Google Translate. Bonus non-parody cover in tango style. (YouTube links) Have a good weekend!
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Did someone mention Dads?
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Thanks, my 10 year old daughter is gonna hate this.
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I'm gonna be the buzzkill and say that the ableist slur in the original makes it unlistenable
posted by scruss at 1:01 PM on August 31, 2019

And what would that ableist slur be ? I'm reading the lyrics and I can't find it.
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Based on this MetaTalk, I’m going to guess the slur is “duh”.

I have mixed feelings about Eilish, in part because this song squicked me out when I first heard it. (Yes, I know it’s intended as satire.) The only context I can hear it in and not be grossed out is in IG stories by drag kings. They’re spoofing masculinity in an over-the-top way that makes some of the yucky lines less gross.
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I know there's a difference between daydreaming and putting it out as a Top 40 hit, but Bad Guy makes perfect sense to me as something coming from a 17-year-old because it's a lot like the things I thought about as a teenager.

(In that vein, it reminds me of Claudine at School by Colette - there's a lot of stuff that feels like it was thrown in for the male gaze, but overall, it's one of the best depictions I've seen of the teenage girl experience - the self-aggrandizement, the sexual fantasies, the delight in taking advantage of attention from grown men while simultaneously feeling creeped out by it.)
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Based on this MetaTalk, I’m going to guess the slur is “duh”.

Jesus, what's next, d'oh?
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I can't wait to torture my teen daughters with this one.
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