"Oh, I can sing in my brain; I sing in my brain all the time."
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Linda Ronstadt's Parkinson's disease silenced one of the greatest singing voices of our time. Earlier this year she spoke before a sellout crowd about her life and the concurrent release of her first-ever live album—Linda Ronstadt: Live in Hollywood—made from newly-uncovered tapes of a made-for-TV concert in 1980. This week she spoke with the New Yorker about the upcoming documentary Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice
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Good interview; I always liked her singing and it's heartbreaking that she can't do it at all now. I never felt like she got enough credit from contemporary critics in the '70s but it doesn't seem like that ever bothered her.

Here's Linda, Dolly and Emmylou doing After the Gold Rush from Letterman's show from twenty years ago.
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Five consecutive platinum albums does a lot for one's attitude toward critics, I assume.
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What a good thing she started so young!
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Linda is a treasure, and both the albums she did with Dolly and Emmylou are outstanding.
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It may seem trivial, but she really did have one of the most enjoyable Simpsons guest appearances.
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Chrysostom, the writer of that episode said once that the Spanish Plow King song "remains the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."
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My favorite is Canciones de Mi Padre!
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Her bigger hits really didn’t show off her voice all that much, with maybe the exception of Blue Bayou. But when she had a song that allowed her to showcase what she could do, her voice was one of the purest out there. Her Spanish language work often has some fantastic singing. (She’s from here in Tucson, and her family goes back a ways here. The name Ronstadt is on a lot of things out here.)
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I will be reading all the links after I have queued up the necessary background music, beginning with a favorite from her days with the Stone Poneys, Different Drum, which I just learned was written by Mike Nesmith. Jesus, what a sweet voice.

Thanks for this post.
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Linda's cameo is absolutely the best 15 minutes of the 3 hour Eagles documentary.
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I mean, the 2:40 mark of this song ... good lord, what a voice.
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God bless her for the Nelson Riddle albums. And so much more.
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