"he trotted merrily after his keeper"
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Obaysch, the Hippopotamus, London Zoo 1852 [Photograph, The Royal Collection Trust]. Obaysch "was obtained by the London Zoological Society" ... he "arrived in May 1850". ["HRH (His Rolling Hulk)", Cemetery Club post]
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Eponhysterical Pachydermata.
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There is a recent book about Obaysch that has been well-reviewed, if you want to delve deeper.
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Sounds like a nineteenth century Fiona.
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Oh, I like that Royal Collection Trust site. Metadata for days!
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Nor let us forget Hanno the Elephant, pride of Leo X.
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I was a bit surprised to hear that the Natural History Museum burned a bunch of stuffed animals in a virtuous panic (note: my own phrasing, not the article’s) in the 70’s. I guess mindless destruction of cultural relics is a very human thing and easy to overlook in the moment.
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