Draw your OC [Original Character] like this
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"Draw your OC like this", an epic twitter thread of fun and varied drawings that keeps on giving and is pretty damn entertaining.
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I had to look up what OC is... I'm still not sure I follow, but it was fun to see everyone's variations anyhow!
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It's literally in the title of the post.
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Yes but it literally makes no sense to someone not immersed in the world of anime/fan art. I read the definition in urban dictionary and I still really don’t get it:
A character in a major franchise created by a fan of something, and self inserted into that franchise usually via art and fanfics.

Usually due to the fact that the designs end up being so close to the source media, they end up looking almost like the original, and a ton of OCs are just traces/recolors of offical artwork for the source franchise.

Many of them also happen to be Mary Sues with self insert fanfics and copy/paste backstories.
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Original characters are better defined in the context of fanart. There's drawing characters in already-existing IPs -- like drawing Bugs Bunny -- and then there's the characters you design and create yourself. Many artists (the ones I follow, anyway) have reoccurring original characters they like to draw for their personal art.

Re: the thread, I absolutely love that Bugs meme, and it was fun seeing everyone's style and take on it. Thank you for sharing!
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This is clearly the best one. Not sure who that little guy is, but he's giving it his all.
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Rock Steady is objectively correct

My heart is warmed in its entirety
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This made my day. I like being reminded of just how much creativity is out there in the world.
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OCs are a newer term specifically created to differentiate shades of fanart. It goes a little something like this:
- You can draw an existing character from a creative work like Hermione from Harry Potter, this would be non-OC fanart.
- You can draw your own original character created to live in Harry Potter's universe. Maybe you just draw them, maybe you've written fanfic with them in it. This is OC fanart.
- You can draw your own original character created to live in your own created universe. This is OC art.

I've had my own character for the last 20 years who started out as a Sonic the Hedgehog fancharacter of all things. She now lives in her own original universe as an original character. It's weird to think of her as an OC since she's over a decade older than the terms but that is essentially what she is.
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OC originally comes from fanfic, as far as I know. When you're writing fanfic for a given source material, any characters you make up on your own that don't come from that source material are OCs. A lot of OCs are just background (and you don't need to tell anyone that there are background OCs), but some are major players in the story or the focal point of/reason for the art.

If you're a fan writer or artist who moves in fan circles, the things you create are assumed to be based on existing characters, so people specify when they're writing about or drawing their own original characters in what is usually a fannish universe. Sometimes a fan creator gets heavily invested in an OC, to the point of creating multiple works about them, which are specifically followed by people who are fans of the OC.

There are also categories of "original fic" and "original art" used by fan creators, to indicate that nothing in the piece is related to an existing source.
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Right. I think the term is also sort of illustrates that these characters aren't necessarily going to be featured in a professionally published work. Like that it's totally acceptable to just share them with online friends and draw them for fun and be highly emotionally invested in them, but you're not necessarily going to create a webcomic/novel/film/etc. about them. Like folks who make up conlangs just for fun or worldbuild just for fun.
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I read the definition in urban dictionary and I still really don’t get it
You tried to get useful information from urban dictionary. That's your problem right there.
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