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"There are a lot of people doing excellent work documenting the rise of white supremacy and fascism in research, journalism and activism. When I pitched this piece to my editors at NationofChange, I was thinking a quick 700-word piece that I could pretty much write off the top of my head. That was not to be. I asked twitter about who they follow for info about anti-hate anti-fascist news and activism and my shortlist was, shall we say enlargened. So with the urging of NationofChange, I decided to do something a little bit more comprehensive." A guide to the people, books and sites that you should be following to become educated on the real threat of white extremist violence in the USA, put together by photo journalist Zach D Roberts for nonprofit news and activism organization NationofChange.
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For Canada, I would absolutely add the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAN) to this list (founded in 2018, also on Twitter), as well as Evan Balgord (a journalist specialising in research on hate groups and currently the ED of CAN). (Both accounts also actively retweet other relevant items and accounts, so I find that I can follow just one and get lots of updates about what's going down in Canada re hate groups).
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Good to see a shout-out to A.C. Thompson, who's been a long-term investigative journalist who got his start in the SF Bay Area and did great reporting of police killings in the aftermath of Katrina (Previously) which made him the basis of a character in the David Simon TV show Treme.
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So much useful stuff in this fpp. Thank you.
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Just followed every twitter account listed. Great article.
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