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In primo article "Soul on Wheels:How music for the roller rink impacted the club" online-EM-gossip site Resident Advisor takes a long look -- through the eyes of veteran DJs like Big Bob Clayton and Moodyman -- at how skating long-predated the dance club scene ... and lives on.

Back in April 2007, sonofslim alerted MeFi to the end of Brooklyn's Empire Rollerdrome after 66 years.
That came one month after the closing of Brooklyn's Roxy NYC, a club which began as a roller rink and roller disco in 1978. Both had sound systems designed by audio legend Richard Long.

And yet , well ... life rolled on!
"Hip-hop in particular found an early, crucial venue at skating rinks, before traditional venue owners were willing to take a chance on the new genre and its crowds. N.W.A. and Salt-N-Pepa played their first shows at roller rinks. Jellybeans, a rink in Atlanta, was an '80s hangout for the likes of TLC, Outkast and Jermaine Dupri. Dr. Luke of 2 Live Crew threw parties crucial to the development of the Miami bass sound at Miami rinks...."

Who knew? Skaters. For example, today at Detroit's 'Soul Skate', "you'll observe nuanced regional skate styles honed in cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia and LA throughout the year." And in Chicago, where you'll see Chicago JB (James Brown style) skating. And in San Francisco
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There's a weekly skate party on Wednesday evenings by Lake Merritt. They throw down a couple of cones to block off the roundabout at the end of Lakeshore Ave, put on some music, and skate. It's inspired a summertime anthem by local musician Miko Marks. There are also ad hoc roller disco parties and skates around the lake.
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United Skates goes pretty deep into this. It's a fantastic documentary. I was super bummed that it didn't get any Oscar attention.
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While DJing around Detroit in the late 90s to early 00s, getting to play at roller rinks a couple times were some of my funnest gigs - highly recommend to any DJ or dabbler. There is a naturally positive energetic vibe all around, and the setting made all my dusty Zapp and Roger records sound awesomely appropriate instead of old and corny. A bit bummed that I've been away from Detroit since Soul Skate took off, but nice to see there are similar events going on in other cities too.
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Came to this a couple of days ago through all the Moodymann that Florida State University radio plays here
(they are reaally good, nice diverse program)

I was a big skate head back in the day, I distinctly remember coming back home on leave in '79 and being shocked to hear Kraftwerk in the mix.
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