Afrikan Boy
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Afrikan Boy, the London-based afro-grime artist of "One Day I Went To Lidl" fame and one-time M.I.A. protégé, writes songs centered on themes of immigration, identity, and the search for belonging, sometimes with wryly hilarious send-ups like "Ancestry", sometimes with a more serious bent such as with "Border Business", which was shot at the migrant camp near Calais in 2015 (brief documentary). posted by dmh (3 comments total) 12 users marked this as a favorite
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Ha, the Ancestry video reminds me of Peter Cho's essay about wrong results from 23AndMe.
I spat into a tube containing a stabilizing solution, packed up the kit, and dropped it into the mail to return to 23andMe. A few weeks later, I would get a report detailing where my ancestors come from. I was not expecting any surprises, but merely a confirmation of what my parents have always told me: I am wholly Korean.
(Spoiler: that's not what the results said.)
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Top stuff! Nice one
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