We were creating space for ourselves, centering our own positive stories
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As black marketers and curators, what do you think the mainstream is missing when it comes to creating events for our demographic? J, ONE MusicFest: Trick question. We are the mainstream. “They” are just good at repackaging it. WakandaCon, ONE MusicFest and The Culture LP on Taking Ownership Of Our Creativity (#blkcreatives) // The Women Behind WakandaCon Are Total Bad Asses: Geeky Girls Guide to WakandaCon // This isn’t another horror story about black motherhood. Coverage of the community has revolved around high maternal mortality rates, but I needed to read an article about joy. This is it. -- D.C.’s ‘Momference’ and sister circles celebrate black motherhood despite statistics (Washington Post)
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This is so cool! I've seen Wakandacon on my Twitter TL, the people who organize it do an awesome job.
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I'd heard about Wakandacon before, and recently the D.C. Momference story on Washington Post as linked above, and I was thrilled to see both were in their second years (Momference year 1 recap from Mimi Cute Lips; Chicago Sun Times on Wakandacon's future ambitions, on its second year), but being a fan of may artists to play at ONE MusicFest, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it as it hit its ten year anniversary this year (J. Carter shares his favorite moments, one from each of the past nine years, and a lengthier interview with Carter on the festival's history).

I was hesitant to roll them together in a single post, but seeing #blkcreatives group interview brought it all together, with a question for BIPOC/ non-white creators, artists, entrepreneurs and fans:
In an interview (YouTube) for their Essence Fest promo run (which was phenomenal this year) Richelieu Dennis mentioned something about the gigantic impact of Black Panther and how that success – while record and world breaking – didn’t necessarily translate over to our communities. BP was not your typical “Black movie” but it’s very apparent that when given the opportunity to express our true capabilities – not only do we succeed but we exceed expectations. How can we keep that same energy for the experiences that we curate?
Finally, in case this wasn't clear, I copied much of the original post text and the title from the linked sources. In reflection, I should have used quotation marks to make that more clear, but at least for the title, I ran out of characters. Still, I apologize if I was unclear in my presentation here.
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