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Trailer: the Limetown podcast is entering television. In mid-October the video version of Lia Haddock's investigation (previously) will appear on Facebook Watch. Jessica Biel stars and produces.
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+1 for the title. Limetown wobbled some at points, but it's still the best dramatic fiction podcast I've heard yet. Looking forward to this show. Kinda weird it will be on Facebook, but okay, sure, 2019 is weird.
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This IndieWire review is pretty positive.

My one concern: IMDb lists this as having ten episodes. I can't find anywhere the running time of these episodes. The original told its story in 6 main installments of 30-40 minutes. Limetown's economy was one of its strengths, and I hope the story hasn't become bloated in its translation to the screen.

I guess I'll have to figure out Facebook Watch. So I just... go to the Facebook Watch web page and watch it there? Let my personal data and metadata flow out of my eyes and into their servers in exchange for entertainment?
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Ugh. Fine, I’ll make a new FB profile.
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I still don't really know what facebook watch is. It's been over a decade since I last wore a watch and I am not really interesting in resuming that.
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The main thing I remember about the original podcast was that it really seemed like they were angling to get optioned for television sooooo grats, I guess.
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Season 2 (yes, it eventually existed!) was a bloated slog to nowhere, and the book (also a thing that happened) retconned or maybe just forgot multiple things from season 1. In my headcanon neither of them ever happened. I'm curious when/where in the story the video series will pick up.
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(Season 1 was a remarkable achievement in storytelling and one of my favorite podcasts ever, so all that negativity above is because I was so excited for new episodes! and a book! and then deeply disappointed by both. If you are reading this post and haven't heard season 1, do so immediately, it's a treasure.)
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I really hope this is good. S1 Limetown was amazing, I remember listening to the first episode and being spellbound.
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Wow they finally did season 2? I was so anxious for it until I forgot it existed. Sorry to hear it stinked up the room. As they say on the internet, I am disappoint.
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Season 2 (yes, it eventually existed!) was a bloated slog to nowhere

God, yes. I loved Season 1 and was really looking forward to Season 2, so I was disappointed how bad it was when it finally aired. (Also hilarious, as a Canadian, was the episode set in Halifax, in which none of the locals sounded anything like a Haligonian; what even was that accent -- Minnesotan?)

I'm cautiously optimistic about the show, but also not super interested in watching TV via Facebook.
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I think the thing that made Limetown great and the thing that made it frustrating are more or less the same thing: they always thought of it like a TV show. Initially, this meant they came at the project with entertainingly outsized ideas about scope, story, and production value. It made season one terrific. Once the possibility of a tv pickup went from aspirational to a done deal, it meant they thought of anything that wasn't tv as a secondary media/expanded universe thing, rather than an end into itself.

It has more or less doomed the podcast, but it doesn't have to mean anything where the TV show is concerned. That's where their hearts have always been anyway, after all.
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Season 2 (yes, it eventually existed!) was a bloated slog to nowhere
I did not get the sense, when listening to season 1, that they had any idea where the story was going, so that doesn't surprise me AT ALL.
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