MTB video - Parallel
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Dual downhill MTBs

And if you don't like the cuts, here's a continuous shot solo ride for good measure
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That was shitballs insane! The amount of trust that they must have in each other's abilities is remarkable, and those abilities are outstanding.
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I kept waiting for the drone that was filming it to crash into a tree!
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I'm pretty sure the tracks they were following were the ones they carved practicing for this.

But, still, insane
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I kept waiting for the drone that was filming it to crash into a tree!

I was going to say I barely even noticed the cycling in that opening tracking shot because I was so focused on how the hell that drone could fly that fast through those branches while panning the camera around.
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METAFILTER: But, still, insane
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The whole thing was cool but I particularly liked the synchronized jump at the end. They were tracking really close with each other. Where could you see more synchronized mountain bike routines? At a Vegas show in a cage maybe? But still those tend not to be doing the same move in the same direction. It was like a dance. How long til some ambitious director moves that move into a Broadway production number? That I want to see!
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A current Cirque de Soleil show finishes with a multi-rider bike segment. It’s pretty cool.
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Parallel credits on Vimeo:
• PARALLEL featuring Brandon Semenuk and Ryan Howard
• Directed by Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker (Revel Co.)
• Produced by Brandon Semenuk
• Sound Design: Keith White Audio
• Additional Footage: Anthony Vitale
• Drone Footage: Airblstr/Jonny Durst and Rupert Walker
• Moto Cine Footage: Brian Wulf, Stephan Sherba, Steven Haugelstine
• Build Crew: Dan Fleury, Evan Intern, Justin Wyper, Jacob Hyde, Simon Silver, Ryan Howard, Brandon Semenuk
• VFX: Dan Gaud
• Special Thanks: Mike Ferrentino, Kelley Richardson, Ariel Lindsley, Trevor Jacob
• Music: What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down - The Mystery Lights
More Revel Co. videos and drone cinematography by Airblstr/Jonny Durst.
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I know this will be a stretch but any ideas what bikes they were riding in that video? Do dudes doing this kind of DH prefer 27" wheels to 29"? It seems like almost a blend of what was traditionally BMX's freestyle territory with DH MTB more and more these days. I LOVE it!
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In the second video, the rider changes bikes halfway through. Anyone know why?
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sjswitzer, the front fork on the second bike is beefier (it's connected to the handlebars directly). I don't know that much about downhill bikes, but I'm guessing the first one is a more traditional mountain bike, and the second is specifically for downhill riding (for the huge drops he does).
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I don't have a ton of experience jumping bikes, so take this with a grain of salt.

The first bike is a dirt jumper: hardtail (no rear suspension), smaller wheels, funny looking seat. You'll notice that on all the jumps on the first bike either he doesn't get that much air, it's a step-up (the landing is higher than the takeoff) or lands on a very steep landing. Additionally, if you re-watch you'll notice the upper track is pretty smooth and compacted.

The second bike is as Gorgik said, a downhill mountain bike: full suspension, triple crown fork. The suspension here will soak up some the bigger hits, but also some of the chatter from the less smooth second part of the track. The angle of the landings will be flatter, and the jumps will be much larger, he's going faster as a result.

As for why he switched, speculating but: a dirt jumper would be pretty rough for some of those things (e.g. the initial landing off that drop even), and the DH bike would be pretty cumbersome for some of the initial jumps. Considering he built the track, I assume the ultimate reason is he wanted to, so he built different features.
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Really missing out by not including the fantastic "how it was made" behind the scenes article by the talented Michael Ferrentino
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yeahwhatever has the basics about the bikes above, but I think that the first bike is probably a slopestyle bike, which can have suspension or not. These are lighter and more responsive than the big downhiller that he changes to.

I don't do much jumping these days as I don't heal as fast as I used to, but I sure do chase after some pre-teens and still-pretending-to-be-kids.
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