Foo the Flowerhorn's Aquarium Videos
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YouTuber Foo the Flowerhorn makes hypnotic videos of aquarium setup and maintenance.
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That was strangely soothing. I want a fish bowl that looks like one of those in the video!
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This is wonderful and very satisfying to watch the final result. Great post, thanks for sharing.
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Note for anybody thinking about clicking: not only are these really lovely and interesting on their own merits, there is a wonderful Siamese kitty named Curry in here. Curry sits on things. Curry objects to being displaced. Curry is a delight.
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It is worth mentioning that Foo the Flowerhorn follows the Walstad Method for their aquariums. Diana Walstad is a 74 year old aquarium legend that for many years has been out of vogue, but her methods have slowly been regaining popularity over the last 10 years or so thanks to the power of the internet.

You want an aquarium like Foo's? You can have it and it will be cheaper and easier than any other aquarium you've ever looked at. Diana Walstad wrote the literal book on how setup and maintain an aquarium with as little work as possible. Cleaning? Pretty much unnecessary. Expensive filters, pumps, chemical treatments, etc? Don't need 'em. It's all about the plants. Keep them happy, don't overstock with animals, and set things up right from the start and you'll be set.

I believe so strongly in this style of aquarium keeping. I have a flourishing aquarium thanks to The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. My shrimp colony is unbelievably successful. My sparkling gourami chirp nightly. I have never so much as had to even scrub the glass.
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"It’s 3am and I’m eating half a tub of ice cream watching these videos"

Even the comments are nice. Nobody has anything to... carp about.
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