Rapper's Delight - Performed by Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant
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Rapper's Delight - Performed by Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant How does this have less than 10,000 views on YouTube? [via mefi projects]
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That was fun.
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This is a classic hip trio in the same tradition of Run-DMC, De La Soul, and Salt n Pepa. I look forward to their cover of Sure Shot.

Meanwhile, Cortana be like “Ice, Ice, Baayybeee...”
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I loved it. Reminded me of this website that used to use the dictionary pronunciation samples to stitch together various pop songs. This got me thinking about what it would sound like if someone were to do this using some oldschool ICE-T songs but yeah 18+ lyrics so it'd be lots of beeps I guess?

Then I was thinking you could probably get away with newer-school ICE-T (bodycount) and have one of these "virtual personal assistants" do a rendition of "Evil Dick" just like i always wanted dictionaryoke.com (that was the site! i think? some blend of the words "dictionary" and "karaoke") to do but they were never hardcore enough way back then.
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I've always wanted to get Alexa to sing "No Children" by The Mountain Goats.
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I was like, man, Alexa’s got way better flow than Siri and Google, but then I remembered that Alexa ripped off her lyrics from Grandmaster Caz.
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Please let there be some recording of SirI tackling the chicken verse.
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I miss dictionareoke.
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That was fun.

Dictionareoke was fun! I just had their version of "Closer" show up on music shuffle the other day.
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Siri and Alexa at least sound fairly human. GA reminded me of SAM on my C-64 (using somewhat less sophisticated technology), that I used for recording my answering machine message 30-some years ago.
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