Electric Zine Maker
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The goofy low-res UI buttons reminds me of various kids art programs I used to spend way too much time with back in the Windows 3.1 days. This rules.
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Fucking potato.
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I think I got a little sea sick reading through that landing page and: I liked it.
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That was so '90s, I just looked down and I'm wearing overalls and Doc Martens.
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The UI aesthetic is incredibly Gameboy Camera. That's a GOOD thing!
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Also, I follow @alienmelon on Twitter, and they are awesome.
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this is SO adorable. I'm making my kid and her BFF do a cat zine for their holiday homework this morning. THERE IS A POTATO.
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Thanks for this! Recently got into zines and OMG that website is a flashback. Literally.
posted by ichomp at 7:15 PM on September 11

I can report 90 minutes of dead-serious work involving Tumblr-pictures of cats, a mock-interview about themselves as cats and a first issue of their Cat Zine that involved two editorial arguments and hurt feelings reconciled over how great they decided the issue looked.
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