Tori Amos B-Sides
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Look, I'm not going to fancy this up with some kind of framing. I own a few early Tori Amos singles. They have really great B-Sides. I thought some of you might want to hear them, so here they are. They're more interesting than you might expect. From Silent All These Years: Upside Down, Thoughts

From Crucify: Angie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Thank You

From Winter: The Pool, Take To The Sky, Sweet Dreams (live bootleg recording, CD version unavailable, boo!)

From China: Flying Dutchman, Humpty Dumpty

From Pretty Good Year: Honey, Black Swan

From God: God (The Dharma Kaya Mix) [Edit from original 12m37s runtime], Home On The Range (Cherokee Edition), God (The Rainforest Resort Mix), Piano Suite - All The Girls Hate Her / Over Her, God (The Thinking Mix 2)

From Cornflake Girl: Sister Janet, Daisy Dead Petals [unavailable]
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Ok, so....

This was part of my personal soundtrack for most of the 90’s. Like, anything that was a Tori Amos B-Side was just my jam.

Thank you for this.
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If you have more to share, I've come to the end of my Tori single buying era...
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I love Tori Amos, and this post, but I’m not in love.
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This post hides a nasty stain still lying there.
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I have the eponymous “The B Sides” CD somewhere. It was the second disc in a double-CD version of Under the Pink that was an import in the us.

These days my favorite track from it is Take To The Sky.
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It was never officially released, but Abbey Road is from that era and is lovely.
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Also, not Tori but possibly of interest to fans of that era, Cornflake Girl covered by Jawbox.
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There is no better version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" than Tori's.
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Loves me some Tori! Thank you hippybear.
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Her cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" makes me tingle.

(Prince does a pretty great one, too.)
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I was a right-wing ditto-head teenager in 1992, when a friend popped in the "Crucify" single in the tape deck of my parents' Pontiac 6000 they let me drive.

Transfixed. By that voice, by that total ownership of those covers. Wore out the "Little Earthquakes" tape. Honestly, that album was probably key in in turning me away from the misogynist, proto-alt-right path I was headed down.

So, sooooo good. Thanks for the reminder!
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Happy Workers should get more play. I always wondered what kind of song-rights hole the Toys album fell into.
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More Baltimore.
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Oh, see, I used to go hunting for all of these! Great post, hb!

My very very favorite of all of them, the one I wore out on repeat, was Here in my Head. So pretty. There's a remastered version on Tori's YouTube, but somehow it feels quick and a little clipped. The original version lingers.
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Purple People is my favorite, if you could wear out a CD by playing it I'd have gone through half a dozen Spark singles.
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Take to The Sky is probably my favourite Tori song, and when her Teen Spirit cover came up on my dad's playlist I knew I had done at least one thing right.
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I adore her cover of Lovesong
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Also I'd like to throw some love at Napster and Limewire for introducing me to a lot of these (and other artists who played in the same space). I would put my favorite Tori songs into search, see who had torrents up, and then scan those peoples' libraries for tracks I hadn't heard of or singers whose names I saw repeated frequently. I mean, um, someone I knew did. A friend. Definitely not me.
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Ambient Raspberry Swirl has been on every music device I've owned since it was released.
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Same here Mchelly. I had the Crucify & Winter discs, but wouldn't have known about stuff like "A Case of You" without discovering it on Napster.
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Also also if we're doing extra tracks in general, Siren from the Great Expectations soundtrack is killer.
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Tori's covers are amazing. Favourites of mine are Lovesong and Famous Blue Raincoat.
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Always a pleasure to hear Tori cover something interesting. There's also her version of Joe Jackson's gender piece 'Real Men'.
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I will get nothing done today, i e e e, I am overwrought with it all, and I will do nothing but hide in the pope's rubber robe and thank you profusely hippybear!!
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More Baltimore .
Oh man, what is the story behind that song [ googling now]? I'd never heard about it! I was hoping/longing for a cover of Randy Newman's ode to my hometown.

I love all the Tori Amos love, thanks hippybear.
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Sugar is among my favorite of Tori's B-sides. Appeared on the UK version of the China single, and the "More Pink" double CD release, which is how I originally came to know most of the songs in this post. Still get chills listening to these like the thousandth time.
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I own some of these singles, was introduced to some others by Audiogalaxy, and others from this The Bee Sides: Tori Amos piano book.

Ode to the Banana King! From the "Silent All These Years" UK Limited Edition CD single in August 1992.

And I prefer the original 1992 version of Mary to the one that's on Tales of a Librarian.

Also also if we're doing extra tracks in general, Siren from the Great Expectations soundtrack is killer.

Another one is Butterfly from the Higher Learning soundtrack.
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In, 2015, I sold my entire collection of Tori Amos singles and albums that I've been collecting since the 90s. While I had ripped all of those CDs, it was bittersweet selling them off. Lots of memories hunting them all down, especially the hard to find imports and bootlegs.
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This rare, haunting take on Professional Widow will never get old to me. There's a better version on Rarities For Pele (where she jokes that singing it this way makes her feel like she's giving herself a brain aneurysm) but I can't find it online.

Thank you for this post. Tori Amos was the soundtrack of my teenage life. I remember being a pretty angry 15 year old, recently moved to Texas, whose (ever patient) mom took her to the mall in a freak snowstorm to spend ALL of my babysitting money on a stack of Tori b-sides. I still have every one. I remember breaking up with a very sweet boy who came to my house very sheepishly the next week to give me a copy of Y Kant Tori Read because it was Valentine's day and he worked very hard to get it. I felt like such an asshole. I remember seeing her live at Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio, before cell phones, and waiting outside the back door near the tour bus to meet Tori Amos and give her a hug... and actually meeting Tori Amos and giving her a hug. O_o My parents were so mad when we finally made our way to their van, where they'd been circling the theater for hours, watching the crowd thin to nothing and wondering where the fuck I was. I was so starstruck that I had no idea how long it had been or how much trouble I was in, so I just climbed into the van and burst into the biggest, most heartfelt teenage tears and gushed about how amazing it was to meet Tori Amos (she was so nice) and they told me later that they just had to let me get away with it that time.
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Hello Mr. Zebra
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Juliplease, it's the "Merry Widow" version, and it was also released as a B side on the Hey Jupiter EP.

It's my favorite, and I cannot tell you a. how loud I would play this when home from college and b. how much my parents hated it.:)
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Well, I wasn't a huge Tori fan, but I do like her music and performance. Thus, I always thought this was a B-side because I hadn't really heard of it. I give you (apparently from a concert video that was released) Muhammad My Friend feat. Maynard. Always loved this most from her!
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Perfect timing, I was listening to Strange Little Girls this morning, probably for the first time since college.

It's not a b-side, but I do treasure my Boys For Pele CD with the original version of Talula (before it got remixed for the movie Twister of all things).
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For me, her Total Eclipse of the Heart cover is so much better than the original.
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Ugh, let me try that link again: Total Eclipse of the Heart.
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As always, your posts bring me joy and throw be back down the rabbit-hole. Thanks Hippybear.
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Also, I hope I didn't overlook someone already linking this version (SoundCloud) of Amazing Grace, which leads into a track called 'Til the Chicken, and is performed with George Porter, Jr. of The Meters. It is a delight.

"If the angels's gonna come in, we should sing a song the angels know, George. They don't know this song!"
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