Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn't Competitive.
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He Just Likes to Win. Schwarzenegger may be in his 70s, but as he proves fighting costar Gabriel Luna in fall’s hot movie Terminator: Dark Fate, he’s as driven as ever. A lengthier than you might imagine profile in Arnold from Men's Health [Where else?] but I read it to the end.
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Thanks hippybear, I read to the end too, really enjoyed hearing what he says. I've no sage comments but he seems a human, more normal celebrity here.
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“I think he really—he’s in love with me,” Arnold says when asked why the president of the United States can’t let this beef go. “That’s the reality of it. With Trump, he wants to be me.”

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I wish they'd included something about his efforts to reform redistricting and to (his phrase, not mine) "terminate gerrymandering," where he's done a ton to raise awareness and money.
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I saw a YouTube video pop up where he talks about what's in his fridge and his workouts as part of this article. I just like hearing Arnold talk. He pops up on Reddit and is really kind to people there. It's actually him, he's never been a perfect person but he does care and want people to succeed.
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ha, remember when he assaulted women in elevators and nobody cared? me neither

what a normal imperfect kind human celebrity for sure
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The sexual assault in elevators (and other awfulness) is described in detail here. Also seems strange to me the article never mentions Patty Baena, his housekeeper / mistress / mother of his child. When all this news broke in 2011 it was assumed to be the end of his career. Then he made lots of appropriate noises about financially supporting the mother and child and then disappeared for a polite period of time. And he pops back up in the public eye and all is forgiven. As sex scandals go I don't think this is even so bad, he's no Strom Thurmond. But the way it's not even mentioned is strange.

I'd also love an update on Schwarzenegger's anti-gerrymandering efforts. He seemed serious about them and they are important. He's exactly the friendly celebrity face for this issue; otherwise it's impenetrably wonky and impossible to understand. He's still advocating about it and seems to now be working with the DNC's main effort under Holder and Obama. See also the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, a public policy thing.
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Eh, I always; as a smallish and rather weak child even up through college kinda admired the dude. Read his weekly column in "Parade" magazine; 1980's probably. Inspired me to do a few push-ups. and other fitness type of things. Not bad.

He's a psychological Trump doppelganger. Going to be #1. Via molding his image (body and personality or otherwise) in order to be so. Go figure he bumps heads with Trump. They are competing to be the same thing - and Trump happened to start out with several million dollars early via family. Arnold has the certain panache that can only come from lots of time with the gym and iron; can't say I've read about his educational background; but gonna go with a that too involved some time and dedication towards purpose and goal - like Dr. Rhoads said in calculus based physics class; "The brain is a muscle too".

Can't fake the body he had until time finally takes the toll. EMS and TENS machines don't build muscles, nothing does except for the iron and effort that he speaks of. I'm certain that somebody else may have written much of this recent speech he gave; but he himself is and was the material.

Perfect guy? Flawless background? Only totally clean person I've ever read about is Mr. Rogers; and well; yeah. Mr. Rogers never got my 180lb self to go set and achieve a goal of benching 250.
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