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Venturing beyond the first page of search results for a term (like webobjects) can result in felicitous finds. “WebObjects offers every benefit for … Internet applications” quotes Steve Bogart’s blog post for August 11, 1999. Yes, Now This is one of the original weblogs. (Just ask the Chicago Tribune in their September 7, 1999 article.) posted by Monochrome (3 comments total) 4 users marked this as a favorite
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Speaking of WebObjects: I have the pleasure of working with pretty much everyone (well, besides the ones who retired with Too Much Money) responsible for making WebObjects happen, and probably surprising to many of you, those who are still making it happen.

While it never quite caught on in the general world, it’s still used internally and it’s an integral part of a machine that generates more money than you’d believe. No, more than even that.

This year (last month, actually) marks my 20 years in the online software business, which pretty much coincides with my “being online everyday” anniversary as well. Reading these articles, I’m getting more of a “wait, didn’t this stuff just happen the other day??” vibe than I’d like to admit 😭
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I miss Lake Effect.
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