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Doopee Time

The Doopees are a fictional vocal duo created by cult musician Yann Tomita, and Doopee Time is their first and (so far) only full-length album. If Burt Bacharach got really high while watching twentieth-century Japanese children's programming, he would probably hallucinate something like Doopee Time. It has been variously described as 'cosmic kitsch', 'belligerently experimental', 'a joke, until it's not', 'blissful, melodic, and frankly gorgeous', parodic, sentimental, sincere, and 'fucking great'.
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Incidentally, if you're like me you were probably thinking of a different Tomita.
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It's no Third Reich and Roll, but will do in a pinch.
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Discogs says this album came out in 1995. I don't know if they were considered part of the Shibuya-kei scene but they're squarely in that wheelhouse and timeframe, sharing the same both-ironic-and-earnest fascination with lounge music, pop ballads, and 1960s show tunes, edited with heavy splicing and sudden tonal shifts.

If you like Pizzicato 5, you might appreciate this in terms of being a half-parody, half-homage -- substituting Maki Nomiya with a pseudonymous cast of idol singers, the producer being fully self-aware of the impression they were making.

Doopees followed this album with an EP, Dooits!, that's also on YouTube, and apparently there was even a one-off reunion performance a few years back.
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I'm still listening to this. There are some long noodly bits, but there are also tracks like "Time and Space", a solid motorik jam that would be comfortable sharing a split single with Stereolab or Ectogram.
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I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed the combination of title + link in this post, and that saving the additional info in the "more inside" was a good call (both b/c it made the above the fold comedic timing a++ and b/c I wanted to find out more info about the main link before clicking on it)! I am also enjoying the selection of descriptions.
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Really digging the use of the I Love Lucy sample!
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Aw sweet! Yann Tomita is best Tomita (fight me, the world is full of synth players trained on piano). His "Music for..." records are strikingly outside of the Japanese Electronic tradition and dance among styles very much reminiscent of the KLF's "Chill Out." Sure, "Night on Bald Mountain" sounds freaky with cutoff modulation running throughout, but it doesn't really add to the vocabulary as much as rejecting form and genre lockdowns.

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Listening to the rest of the album on Spotify now - the track "CHOPIN OPUS 28 NO. 4 with TONE CLUSTER" has a bit too much crying noises for my sonic comfort, but the follow-up (JIMI STYLE) was a terrific palate cleanser.

ardgedee, the comparison to Stereolab is very apt - definitely getting that vibe from some of the other tracks.
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"THROUGH MY WINDOW" is a standout track for me - upbeat yet chill vibe, feels like it'd be great background music for a scene of people walking home while the sun is setting and the stars are coming out in the sky.
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This is one of those albums that I love deeply and then completely forget about for years at a time. Thanks for reminding me that I should be listening to it all the time!
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