Cave music
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"Cave and Bat-Inspired Recorded Music and Spoken Word (An International Discographical Database 1905 – 2005)"

Includes music recorded in natural and artificial caves, and cave imagery on record covers and labels.
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Actually, so much more than a database....lot's of details through the notes for most of the entries.
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What an interesting obsession! Thanks for posting.
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Maybe add a "music" tag?
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In case that World-Wide Web site is not old-school enough for you, here's the Cave Ballads Fake Book from the 1994 National Speleological Society convention. You can learn how to sing "One Ton of Guano" to the tune of "Guantanamera."
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I've always loved Lustmord's work, and particularly the album 'Rising', for it's cthonic rumbles and forlorn dread, the sounds of a cursed horn calling a mournful predator, lurking in the bowels of forgotten chasms. My ladyfriend has asked that I stop playing 'awful cave noises' when going to bed because it's uncomfortable to fall asleep to and distressing to wake up to. Different strokes!
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