What’s interesting about American redstarts?
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They’re very pretty. But that’s not all. They’re a great example of how much scientists have learned about birds and how many questions remain unanswered. There’s a lot of information in the chemical composition and color of those pretty feathers. Their bright wing and tail patterns seem to be useful for startling and flushing insects. Studies in other species indicate it’s an effective technique. First-year males have coloration more like females. Why? Maybe to cut down on attacks from older males. Or maybe not. Like most birds, redstarts are socially monogamous and sexually promiscuous, with about 40% of nestlings fathered by a bird outside the pair. Why do birds want multiple partners? A lot of thought and research has gone into answering that question.
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The Painted Redstart, that you can see in Arizona, is cool too.
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That secret sex life of birds article is fascinating: Most male birds have no penis! Some of them have testicles that are 3% of their body weight! Parrots mate for half an hour!
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What a neat collection. Thanks for the redstart information, Redstart!
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Very cool, I didn't realize how much birds get around. And I didn't realize the coloration is maybe for hunting as well as social reasons.
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Once you see it, you can't unsee it: your Redstart is our Roodstaart ("red tail").
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Yes, the American Redstart is presumably named after the Common Redstart and its relatives, which are a really gorgeous group of Old World birds which are not closely related to the American species.
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But everyone’s favourite bit of bird etymology is that the wheatear was originally called ‘white arse’.
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So that's why my daypack model is called a "Redstart". TIL.
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Today I learned what TIL stands for.
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Post Your Animal month has been the best. Thanks for this post!
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This North American bird identification tool found within the first link is pretty handy.
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Yes! The "Post your animal" theme is so good! I am learning so much about different animals.
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When I first saw the headline I thought it said 'What's interesting about American residents?'

Sorry for the derail. Please carry on.
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