Lausan 流傘 - Sharing decolonial left perspectives on Hong Kong
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Lausan 流傘 is a collective of writers, researchers, activists and artists from Hong Kong and its diasporas, engaging with the city’s political struggle.

From articles on Hong Kong's migrant workers to the translation of the housewives' letter for the movement, Lausan covers Hong Kong from a "decolonial left perspective", asking all of us to reimagine a future free of Chinese and Western imperalism.
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Ooooh thank you. Excited to read through everything when I get a chance. While not a decolonial left perspective, from what I could tell, I used to read the Occupy Central posts at EastSouthWestNorth but they haven't posted since 2018.
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I absolutely needed to read this this evening, having just landed back in the city from the Mid-Autumn break. Their about page is inspiring and I can't wait to read more. Thanks for posting.
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Glad you guys like it! Recommended articles: HKHRDA and its contradictions, about whether seeking out US support is actually a good idea, and what its costs would be, Sex workers discuss 'Restore Tuen Mun', on how sex workers contribute to the fight against police brutality, on Hong Kongers' indifference to migrant workers.
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