Welcome...To The Fumble Dimension
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Many of you may recall internet sports statistical bard Jon Bois' adventures in taking sports games and seeing how far he could twist the knobs until everything breaks, such as Breaking Madden, or murdering a virtual NBA with horrible players. Well, he's back at it with compatriot Kofie Yeboah, in a new series for SBNation. (SLYT)

Episode 1 is a video recounting of the aforementioned "All Is Lost" scenario, where NBA 2K is brought to its knees by a dearth of talent - all lovingly analyzed as only Bois can.
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"...it's not exactly an experiment, because experiments have a point."

I am not a basketball fan, but I will watch & listen to Jon Bois do...whatever it is...that he does, on any subject.
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Damn now I want to play NBA 2K-negative-35
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Can't watch the whole thing right now; does CLARENCE BEEFTANK make a cameo?
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I'm so glad he finally acknowledged that he did this once before, because I briefly thought I had lost my mind.
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Couldn't they have saved time and just made every team the '82 Pacers?
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This led me to a fun fact about the 2000 NBA draft class:
"The 2000 NBA draft class collectively produced at a rate of 17.3 wins worse than a group of 'average replacement players', effectively making 2000 the only draft class in NBA history to leave the NBA talent pool worse off than it had been prior to the given year's rookie draft."
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Can't help but notice there was nobody named Bob.
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I literally finished 17776 this morning! Bois makes sportsball commentary enjoyable.
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The game play reminded me of playing jv basketball for a tiny school back in the '90s, where the people who could actually play immediately get bumped up to varsity, and tall people weren't very common so they also generally got bumped up to varsity even if they are terrible.

So jv was just like the fumble dimension - all short people with very little basketball skillz.
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Yeah only Michael Redd and Jamal Crawford were much of anything in that 2000 draft. Amazing amount of fail on that list.
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I didn't see any use of Google Maps.
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Breaking Madden was brilliant.
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What's the joke about 60's baseball?
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Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed that it's effectively a rerun.

On the other hand, Bois' growing army of collaborators bodes well for more frequent new content in future.
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"Bust the Process" would have been a better name more in line with the Breaking Madden lineage.

Particularly funny since... (spoiler)
the 76ers become champions by virtue of the alphabetical position of their team name.

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This was absolutely glorious, thanks for posting it! Brilliant chemistry between Bois and Yeboah, who are both awesome.
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This was wildly hilarious. I just wish at the end they'd let the simulator keep playing out their disaster scenario, just to see what other crazy kinds of things would happen.
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I remember when my brothers and I figured out that if you made a whole lineup of players on Triple Play 2000 who had perfect speed (and no other skills), you could bunt your way on base 80% of the time and run up scores of 30 or more runs.
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I don't know if he has any ambitions in that direction but if Jon Bois ever gets an opportunity to play Commander Riker in a ST:TNG reboot, I am absolutely here for it.
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I wish he had thrown in a few players that were carbon copies except max "intangibles" to see if that helped.
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I was curious about Intangibes too, as well as "Miscellaneous Durability."
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"Miscellaneous Durability" sounds like one of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies cards.
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Kofie Yeboah

I was previously unaware of this gentleman (I'm not a sports person), and now I would like to see him do more things.
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