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Logophilia Heard any good words lately? Emo, tribal marketing, google bombing, adultescent, go commando, alpha girl, hand salsa, shoegaze, alcopop, suicide magnet.
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hand salsa-noun. The grimy substance that accumulates on a mouse or other input device after extended use.

That's nasty.
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Most popular words:
drunken trees
(DRUNK.un treez) n. In a northerm climate, a stand of trees under which the permafrost has melted.

Common more like a tree peeing.....oh it's drunk, I get it. No I don't. And I read the use of it.
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noun. A rebuttal, inserted into an argument, that refutes an anticipated counter-argument.

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"go commando -
verb. To wear trousers without putting on underwear."

Hmn...how do you post follow ups? Isn't this site a blog? : )

I have been "going commando" since i was stationed in panama...pretty standard procedure in the hot, humid clime. So it has a US army reference from at least 10 years ago.
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Great link.
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i was wondering what a nutraceutical was :) now i know!
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oh yeah! i forgot.. great link !
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I have been "going commando" since i was stationed in Panama

Thanks for sharing, das_2099.
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great tool for me as I can understand some of you now
I know this is a blog, so in the future will this be a webdesk in the reference guide? No results for the word, webdesk.

I like this: real reality noun. Everything that is not virtual reality. I'm thinking before computers "virtual reality" would have been similar to the word "dreams". Complicated life we live. Good thing for blogs to keep things straight. Unless this is reality.
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Thanks for the link andrewzipp!
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Hey, great link - I will spend hours on this one....
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Bonus points for the first person to write a sentence with all of his favorite words ...

The feculent gargoyle simulacrum made a euphonious chortle as it pondered the ineluctable crapulence to come ...

Hmm, better make it a whole paragraph.
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Ugh, Mallternative
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I know all about the alpha girls. My friends and I were likened to a cult led by one in the blog of a marginally-insane woman whose friendship we spurned. So we made t-shirts!
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I think "pancaked" should be added here, who is the Meta author?
No joke as there are more, hey lets really be a part of a bigger community, words.
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I thought you were.
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Great link! Goes well with this site.
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No yhbc, not my catch phrase, but was used by frykitty or skillet, or one of those skillets. Still not sure the author.
I learned that during IHOP's, "pancake day", in February on Meta. It was on the sideblog on the front page.
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I've heard the term craptastic being used more and more.
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defensive pessimism

Wow. Two words which sum up my whole life.
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I think it has been "Metafiltered." I get nothing but this:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The database has been placed in a state by an unknown user that prevents it from being opened or locked.
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On a related topic, I discovered this past weekend that "fuckwit" occurs in How To Be Good (2001) by Nick Hornby.
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At first, I thought the link was about abuse of little plastic building blocks. Or maybe old drawing programs.
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