This is where the antelope range
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Sagebrush Sisters is a short film (7 minutes) about three women and their hike along a migration corridor between two pronghorn antelope refuges.

In 2015, Helen Harbin (then age 65), Julie Weikel (68), and Alice Elshoff (80) hiked 50 miles over 5 days between Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (official, Wiki) and Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge (official, Wiki). They hiked for a variety of reasons, both shared and personal.

The hike was filmed for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. If you’re interested in visiting the Hart-Sheldon region, their visitors guide is a good starting point. If you visit, be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles in this wild area.
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Thanks for the vicarious trip through sagebrush country! I have a lot of good memories from places like that.
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My mom loved Hart Mt. Before she died last year she spent many weeks there pulling old fences with ONDA. She’s buried not that far away from the refuge. These women reminded me of her so much. I bet she knew them or at least of their hike. Thank you for posting it. I cried for the first time since she died.
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I've been to that part of Oregon and it is indeed special....and remote. Well worth the trek. Thanks for the post, the film was lovely.
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