"First position," indeed
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The Canadian Brass performed their Tribute To The Ballet at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto Canada in 1988.
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I had completely forgotten about these guys! A trip down memory lane. :)
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That was lovely. I miss gentle whimsy.

I don't miss low definition video or the fact that all the performers were male.
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If you like your brass ensembles whimsical but with fewer dudes, I give you Genghis Barbie.
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I heard their Tribute to the Ballet on NPR when I was a kid, and it just killed me that I couldn't actually see the performance. Had almost forgotten about it but hippybear's post on PDQ Bach, for some reason, made me think to check YouTube.
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Then all I need to do is mention "Flight of the Bumble Bee" and the knowing among you should grin in childlike delight at that silly little toy trumpet.
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If the Canadian Brass did not exist CBC would have had to invent them.

That is all.
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