Soccer at the Edge of the World
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Soccer at the Edge of the World: inside Greenland’s week-long football championship tournament, a surprisingly intense affair held each summer in a town of 5500 on the inhospitable western shore of the world’s largest island. [slnyt]
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This is lovely!
Not least the pictures.
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Not the point of the article, but photo of the abandoned village of Assaqutaq is beautifully haunting.

One odd thing about the tournament was the team names, like IT-79 and B-67. I didn't see an explanation for these.
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I spent way more time than I'd like to admit trying to figure out where the pictures were from. Then I figured out. They got turf!
(There's just the one field in sisimiut, and I remember it as being gravel).

Such a beautiful place, and such an interesting tournament.
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A lot of central and northern European football teams add their founding year to their name, and I'm not surprised it's a tradition that moved to Greenland. B-67's full name is Boldklubben af 1967, founded in 1967.
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His repeated and repeated again naming B-67 Greenland's "Real Madrid" was first confusing then annoying. Does he mean "locked in close second place against arguably the actual most successful club in Spain (Barcelona)?" Was he just trying to avoid calling them Barcelona? Does he know there are famous clubs in other countries that are actually not controversially the biggest club in the country?

Anyways, there are only so many times that I can ready "Real Madrid" in this piece before I'm just calling it lazy writing. (The piece was really well written otherwise, but really could have used some heavy editing, but that's neither here nor there.)
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