"I paint monsters."
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WeFail paints British politicians like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg in a style recalling both Ralph Steadman's Paranoids and the savage portraits of Francis Bacon. Sometimes he turns his attention to other monsters of the modern age, such as Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. His banknotes are particularly good, I think, and also I like his Tarot cards.
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Not going to lie, very disappointed that this turns out not to be a post about criminally underrated YouTube channel Paint By Monster.
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Damn. These are appropriately haunting. I kinda want to...send him money but not buy any? I love the work--the Kavanaugh one strikes me especially hard--but my easily spooked ass ain't trying to walk past Farage's visage on it's best day, much less the more unraveled version seen here.
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Very good stuff. Also reminds me a bit of the original art in the Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark series.
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lazaruslong, I thought so too!
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Reminds me of the trading cards Bill Sienkiewicz did back in the 80’s.
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Eikonaut: I thought of those Sienkiewicz trading cards too. I've got a set of them somewhere which I never did get round to framing up.

Since starting this thread, I've discovered that this week's edition of London's Big Issue magazine has a new Ralph Steadman caricature of Boris Johnson on its cover. You can see the image & watch a time-lapse video of Steadman making it here.
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Woah. I had to look at those very quickly because I kind of couldn't bear to do anything else. The "Eat the Poor" banknote, the Boris Johnson, and the Brett Kavanaugh are probably the ones I would want least to have to look at for long. Well done.
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