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The Flores Exhibits In this video series, artists, lawyers, advocates, and immigrants read the sworn testimonies of children held in detention facilities at the U.S. / Mexico Border.

cw: children in detention in poor conditions.
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I could only make it through one of these. My nation is evil, actively. I don't know what to do.
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Yeah, I just... can't click. I have a little boy the same age as many of these children. I used to believe "if people only could see, they'd reject this as evil and inhumane" but they have seen and decided that evil and inhumane is a feature, not a bug.
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I think the details are reassuring and upsetting. These are the words of people, real people, not abstract icons of suffering. I don't know why that gives reassurance? Maybe its easier to fight for a person and hold hope for a person whose voice I can hear and living presence I can imagine, even through the medium of a reader repeating their words.

17 years old L (Exhibit #7) crossed over on June 14th of this year and then turned himself in to Border Patrol, who took him to a tent and gave him a burrito, juice, and a cookie. He has a fever and takes two chewables given to him but doesn't know what they are. He is in a room with 5 boys. There is one bunk bed.
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I just can't...
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I guess this is kinda why we have a problem.
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