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Let Mr. Autumn Man officially welcome you to September.
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I don't do the coffee, but I do have an autumn uniform: t-shirt under flannel under jeans jacket. I've worn this for decades when the weather turns. I love this because it makes me feel, I dunno.. snuggled? I always enjoyed my visits to San Francisco because no matter what time of year (with a few exceptions) the weather was always perfect for that layering.
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Just in time for September Santa! Hoo Hoo Hoo!
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From your friends across the pond, a slightly less diplomatic take on his UK counterpart.
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He's a real Autumn Man
Sitting in his Autumn land
Making all his Autumn plans for Autumny
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I am eagerly awaiting Demi Adejuyyigbe's annual twitter post.
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So, do I have to be the one to say that autumn begins on Sept. 23 this year?
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It is almost time for the emergence of Grumpybeard!
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We could slip away
Wouldn't that be better
Me with nothing to say
And you in your autumn sweater
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Yeah well it's supposed to be eighty today. And then eighty again on Tuesday. And nothing below the upper sixties for the foreseeable future.

I just want to wear a long-sleeved shirt without boiling. And socks. I would like to wear socks.
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I have been DONE with summer for the past month and a half now, it's going to be in the mid-80s here in New York ENOUGH
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Pretty good take, the only off note is “I’m thinking about taking a trip to Salem with my girlfriend this weekend,”..."“The variety of colors is incredible once you get out of the city."

There are better choices than "Salem" for satire, especially if it's supposed to be a resident of Boston, now if he had said "The Berkshires", we're talking a score of 10/10.
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He's a real Autumn Man
Sitting in his Autumn land
Making all his Autumn plans for Autumny

Autumn Man, Autumn Man
Doing the things people in autumn can
What's he drink? Pumpkin spice
Wears a cardigan, Autumn Man
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I thought this was going to be about Demi Adejuyigbe.
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We've almost reached the season when I become Area Girlfriend announcing plan to stay under blanket for next 5 months.
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Calling Captain Autumn.
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21 September is Peace Day, also. Recognized by UN resolutions & everything.

Happy Peace Day, everybody!
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Currently on holiday in the UK and Belgium and while it's warmer than I expected/hoped, the relative absence of humidity compared to Japan means I've happily been Mr. Autumn Man in tattersall shirts, Fair Isle sweater vest, corduroy trousers, argyle socks, and tweed.
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I thought this was going to be about Demi Adejuyigbe.

He's invoked in an earlier comment.

Incidentally his Twitter feed has posted a teaser, and people are going apeshit.
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We had fall like temps here the last couple of days. Now the bloody effing weather freak on the TV says the next 3 days are going to be in the 90's. And the weather freak thinks it's great! eff him. Bring on the fall temps for good.
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Here in Los Angeles it can be very difficult to tell what season it is by looking at people's clothes (or, you know, by going outside) but I am most definitely on Team Cardigan the moment the weather drops to 72 and breezy (which was this past week.)
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We had fall like temps here the last couple of days. Now the bloody effing weather freak on the TV says the next 3 days are going to be in the 90's.

I’m not seeing 90s. I’m seeing very high 80s.

Yes, this is pedantic. Yes, this matters to my sense of psychological well-being.

At least it’s dropping to the 60s at night and it’s dark by 7:30?
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Ruling the Autumn Man Empire, from the comfort of his Autumn Man Sofa!
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Oh man I am so anticipating this winter. I just moved back to New Orleans where “winter” barely scrapes what the North considers to be “autumn” temperatures, and I am really looking forwards to not being Area Girlfriend Under Blanket For Next 5 Months for the first time in a decade.
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The best thing about September, is that it Mashes up so well with so many different types of songs.
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Tell that to the sweat I literally poured out of my cycling shoes this morning. And when I wrung out my gloves on the ground, chef’s kiss.
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I have deep seated trauma about summer from growing up in inland Southern California with no air conditioning. Even now that I live up in Northern California anything that feels like summer makes me oddly depressed and angry.

My wife and I have both been anticipating the comfort of fall this year, sneaking in soups and stews whoever the temperature dips low enough. It looks like summer is going to have its last gasp here next week hopefully after which it’s fires in the fireplace and crisp air and hikes in the woods in indirect sunlight until March.

I even think I timed my trip to Minnesota next month perfectly to see the leaves.

Damn I love fall and summer can go to hell, it’s just the worst.
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It was damned cold in Bakersfield last night! I had to sleep under a sheet! My cats are all bread loaf with their front paws curled under. I ate all the plums and now I have to go with apples. I am wearing a happi coat over my sundress. I have to wait at least until October one to bust out the wool socks. But, I saw a handsome fellow in gray wool slacks yesterday, with some sort of dark matching shirt! What's wrong with me, will this crush never go away? Like Skinner said, "The random pumpkin spice reward, is the most powerful motivator!"

The lawn is still sadly green
It has another thing coming
While sunset is burnished apricot,
I long for real blue sky,
Not this So Cal surrogate
Baby blue tint
I want to hang up rent
And roll over to the Joshua Trees
To the cottonwoods along dry creeks
To the red rocks and lift my eyes
To see gashes of bright
Butter golden, aspens in high canyons
And hear the chuckling geese land among reeds.
I need some strung out
Party colored reflections, that
End in fallen autumn leaves
On some sodden shadow shore
Where the slow water insinuates and paints
Its memories of the sky.
Oh autumn, yes I have enough blankets,
You are welcome to come by,
But you can't stay.
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And it's here!
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I fucking love Demi Adejuyigbe.
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What about Decorative Gourd Season -- is it here yet?
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Ah yes, it's Hüsker Dü day today.
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BLAMMO! It's always decorative gourd season, motherfucker.
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ugh. its supposed to hit 82 in Oakland today. I would loooove to feel some cool blustery autumn weather but probably won't until november. I'm excited for knee sock weather!
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The leaves of brown came tumbling down
Remember in September in the plain
The dude went out just like woolen amber
That September in the plain
To every word of grey heard you saunter
The coffee seemed to play our sweet refrain
Though dude is here to me it's still September
That September in the plain...
That September near the drain.
That September that brought the plain
That September dudes in the rain
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I'ma celebrate Peace Day, by not getting embroiled in an international conflict!
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I got sunburn on my knuckles today.

And I wasn't even punching the sun.
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I'm currently on the bus to go for a lovely autumn hike in the crisp air and may I just say a VERY hearty fuck you to summer. And that's even after a pretty mild summer. Mostly I'm just thrilled I can close the windows at night and don't have to hear every single conversation anyone has as they wander past my building ugh God I need to move someplace quieter.
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I'm not a big fan of a too-rainy cold fall day, but I do love a sort-of-rainy-still-hot-ish shoulder season day where I get to wear my favourite confused PNW outfit of shorts, t-shirt, gore-tex jacket and tevas, which looks thoroughly ridiculous, but fits the actual weather perfectly.
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And it’s here!

Love it, but aaah please close the fridge door all the cold air is going to leak out while you’re dancing!
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We Are All Mr Autumn Man

Adams is Mr. Autumn Man, the embodiment of the dudely fall aesthetic, memorably brought to life by the Onion in 2012 — and memed to oblivion every autumn since.
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