6:50 of "Happy to be Alive"
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People dancing to "Let's Groove" (SLYT) Happy Weekend, everyone!
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Omg that is wonderful. Thank you.
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I love how it appears to be family groups doing the choreography, and how it's the same group of moves repeated over and over by different people and bodies and styles. I feel like if I watched it a couple more times I could probably learn those moves myself and make them my own.

That was utterly delightful. Thank you!
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So delightful! Loved all the guys, gals, kids, and the babies--so joyful. All the different bodies and abilities--just having such fun. Really wonderful to see.
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So awesome : )
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seems like maybe a parents/children dance class where they all learned that routine. the teacher is choreographer Phil Wright, who is apparently a Person (he teaches Will Smith dance moves).

I love the diversity, but more so just the fun fun fun everyone seems to be having and the parents getting down with all those awesome kids.
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Yes, I looked around a bit and it's FAMILIES. He calls it #TheParentJam. I LOVE IT. I'm also finding it super inspiring that everyone looks so good, regardless of how sharp their underlying dance skills are - yeah, hippybear, despite being completely uncoordinated I sort of want to try the choreo.
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Yeah, that it's a family activity is really, really amazing, and got to me most of all. Parents who can be joyful and fun in an uninhibited way are such a phenomenal example for their kids (and I bet their homes are fun places, too).

I'm so happy that dance, and dance classes etc., are finding a new place in communities, and ways to open up the amazing experience of dancing to all people, all body types, ages. I'm hopeful that my own field (music) can make a similar shift, professionally speaking, and find ways to open up the activity of "musicing" (actually making music yourself, in collaboration with other people, however well or poorly) more effectively to all. I think that we have lost so much, individually and culturally, because making and listening to music became only listening, and a mostly automated (thus passive) experience about 100 years ago. When your whole experience with music is pushing buttons and listening--while that can be incredibly meaningful--there is so much that is lost from a potentially much more rich experience.

Kind of like the difference between watching people dance, and actually getting up and dancing yourself. The experience of doing the thing is qualitatively different in important ways, and has so much more to offer than only watching or listening. Hooray for community dance!
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I was hoping the dad with the baby in the carrier would get to dance, and I wasn't disappointed.
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This is a adorable and joyous. The style seems to be inspired by Kyle Hanagami (most famously his Shape of You video)
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That was just moving in every sense. I wish there'd been a class like that when my kids were young.
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Isn't this the wrong Earth Wind & Fire song to be posting on the 21st night of September?
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Loved this! Absolutely brightened my day!
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Ya gotta dance with the song that brought ya.
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Lots of entertaining facial expressions!
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Yeah, it was interesting to see how much the facial expressions really deliver the impact of the move. I never realized before how much you dance with your face. And in fact there's no way anyone could look awkward here if their face was into it.
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Apt for today.
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I love everything about this. I heard this song at Target one day and had to dance. Like put-down-my-stuff-so-I-could-use-both-arms-and-dance kind of dancing. I love this song! I love music. I love everything.
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Like, how much of the song is that? 2 minutes at most?

And we've all seen the dance moves. And we can all watch them a zillion times more.

What if we did a MetaFilter megadancevideo like this only of MeFites doing the dance themselves however they want to film it?

I'm both thrilled and horrified that I'm suggesting this because if it becomes an actual thing I will have to do it.

But, like don't answer right away. Think about it. Maybe? Could be fun? Could be horrifying? Like how did beardy-face blue button shirt sweaty dad guy feel about the whole exercise? But he was there, obviously for his daughter, and he was giving it 100% and he did the tricky off-beat point at that one spot totally great and he was TOTALLY HAVING FUN.

Jeebus, because that's what dance is!
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Oh lordy the radio at work today had a song on which all of a sudden I realized was THIS song, right as it got into the section danced to in the video and I nearly involuntarily started to do the dance. At work.

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